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What format are the photos in?
All the images published on DigitalBook.it are in JPG at 300dpi, many are also available in TIFF uncompressed format. A special icon will show up if this format is available. TIFF files are not downloaded, but will be shipped on a CD or DVD to your address.

Can I also buy prints? How does it works?
Yes. All the images on catalogue are available as prints on original Kodak Paper or on PAINTING CANVAS, with or without wood chassis. In every detail page there is a list of available products, ready to be ordered. Just choose the one you like and put it in the basket. We will send your high quality prints in a protected package in few days. More infos can be found on the FILE and PRINTS page.

Do you add photos on regular basis?
Yes. The photos are added as they arrrived and are being checked. Please visit the NEW PHOTOS pages to check out the latest.

Can I be a photographer and sell my images?
Of course YES! To do that you have to follow some rules like submitting high quality images, being the author of the photos, being the owner, state that you will breach any other rights or copyrights and that you will not publish the same images elsewhere, neither on free distribution or colleting services like Flickr, for example.

FLICKr and other web photo sharing sites
There are some exceptions that let you post on both DigitalBook.it and other sites, this is when one of the following conditions apply:

  • the posted photos have a super imposed logo or a watermark;
  • the posted files are at low resolution, not suitable for printing;
  • the posted photos are clearly stated as private, copyrighted, reserver or not free. To do that, for example in Flickr, you have to set it in your account preferences.

All the rules are clearly expressed in the agreement that you can read before subscribing as a photographer. It is very important that, at the moment you  subscribe, to read, understand and approve the articles that rule the relationship. You can read it HERE.

Commissions: all the earnings are in percentage on sold images, at the price the image is at the moment of purchase, included VAT. Commissions are fixed at 65% for every sold downloaded photo. Prints commission is fixed at Euro 10.00 each.

What do I need to do if I want to shot a model or a person?
First of all, you need be allowed. Then you should take it on paper, filling a form with all the infos about the model and exact file names you want to sell, and then send it to us. In this files (PDF or WORD) you'll find a valid form for adults and minors. You can send it by fax, e-mail, or as JPG with the photos. All the infos are on the document.

What rules, terms and conditions do I have to respect as a photographer?
Terms and conditions are available on the sign up page and here on this PAGE.

How do I set up photos that I want to sell?
All the images must follow this simple rules to be accepted:

  1. The images need to be on focus, with right expositions and parameters so that the subjects will be fine for a commercial usage. Some exception can be made when you want to sell an artistic image, with special effects or techniques.
  2. The photos need to be shoted at least with a 4 MegaPixel camera or scanned with high quality scanner from an A4 print sheet.
  3. The resolution needs to be at least set at 300 dpi. Are also accepted 240 dpi images when shots come from high quality cameras with full ccd resolution. No compressions, maximum quality. Always.
  4. You can send JPG directly form the web pages. You can send TIFF files if you have, contacting us. We will tell you how to proced.
  5. We can set you up a personal FTP account if you have a lot of pictures to send (more than 15 image per session).
  6. It si foudamental that you include keywords, title and a short description, in italian or english. The editors will review and make any translation needed. Our system automatically recognize any IPTC metatag you previously inserted in your files.
  7. No porn or obscene images are accepted. If you shot people, you'll need a signed model release. If you are the subject of your images, please contact us by e-mail when you send them, specifing the file name you used. A copy of the model release can be found on this page.

How do I take my picture form 72 dpi to 300 dpi?
If you use Adobe Photoshop the process is really simple. Once you opened the image, go to IMAGES -> IMAGE SIZE and when your new windows shows up, uncheck the last control: RESAMPLE IMAGE. Now change the resolution value from 72 to 300. Click OK. Save as JPG or TIFF, no compression, 100% quality.
You will notice that: the width and heigh are now blocked, the print size is reduced. That's normal. Don't worry. This means that you want your image to be 300 dpi without being pixellated.

Some screen shots:

Do you offer refunds?
Once you complete the order and pay, we cannot offer any refuds because the digital file will be instantly available for download. In you encounter any problem in downloading or have any other enquire, please contact us by e-mail.

Is there any limit or restriction the usage of the images downloaded from DigitalBook.it ?
Yes. All the images fall under license agreement. The page LICENSING will show some easy example and the complete text of the agreement. The agreement must be accepted everytime an order is submitted.

Is it possible to share the same account with others?
No. Doing this is like sharing the images, it's forbidden.

What is a LIGHTBOX and how does it works?
A lightbox is a place where you can put all the images that you'll find browsing DIGITALBOOK and that you consider interesting.
Putting images into lightbox is like placing a favourite on your web navigation program.
Doing this you are NOT buying anything, and NOT subscribing any service. It's just a remind to let you find again the photos that you noticed during your last visit.
HOW TO USE IT: FIRST you need to create a LIGHTBOX and SELECT IT.
Then you can come back to the catalogue or search, and start collecting photos.