The photographer that sign up with DIGITALBOOK.IT to sell their own shots, must apply the following terms and conditions:
  • The photograper declare to be the author and the only owner of the submitted images.
  • It is forbidden to publish any image containing objects, subjects or logos protected by copyright and without any explicit authorization.
  • Every image or group of images submitted with any human recognizable must be followed by a model release, filled in every part, and signed by the subjects. In case of persons under 18 years old, a sign from parents or tutor is a must.
    Model releases can be found in the FAQ page.
    Model releases can be sent by fax (+39 - 0733 - 1870125) or photographed and sent within the images as usual or by e-mail.
  • Every image will be evaluated and checked by DIGITALBOOK.IT's staff, and we reserve the rights to publish or not the images, depending on the quality of the shots, the value of the subjects, the quality of the file or other reasons.
  • The photograper understand and approve that sending his/her images to DIGITALBOOK.IT, the web site will act in his/her behalf. The images submitted will always remain property of the photograper  that will be able, with 60 day in advance, remove them from the web site.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to publish the same images submitted to DIGITALBOOK.IT to others web site where photos are sell, distributed for free (for example FLICKr) o any other kind of service that promote, sell or give away images, with every kind of media or format.
  • DIGITALBOOK.IT will pay a commission to the photograper  for every images that will sell, in both digital or print version. The percentages are published in the FAQ page.
  • DIGITALBOOK.IT will be the promoter of every photograper in the community with the goal to sell as much images as it's possible. These action will include, just for example, advertising on search engines, on magazines, direct contact to companies, events.  DIGITALBOOK.IT will also take all the necessary moves to protect and guarantee the copyright on every images.
  • DIGITALBOOK.IT from time to time will be authorized to make promotions on the images, group of them, on the price, availability and ways of distribution.
  • EXTENDED RIGHT and EXCLUSIVE RIGHT will be setup for the customers that will ask for them. In this occasions, before selling the rights, a new price will be traded directly and privately with the customer. In doing this DIGITALBOOK.IT will contact the photograper to know his/her conditions.
  • DIGITALBOOK.IT and the staff working with it, don't have any responsability about the content sent by photographers and do not respond in any case to any controversy about the nature, the origin, the property and any image/copyright matter reguarding the published material.